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Factors Affecting Parcel Delivery Rates

The determination of postal rates is not subjective. The prices will vary because a number of criteria are considered when determining postal rates. Even yet, parcel post prices will differ between nations due to the numerous factors considered.

To begin, the journey distance is established. If a parcel needs to travel a large distance, the postage will probably be prohibitively expensive. Parcel post rates are greatly lowered when a parcel travels a shorter distance to its destination. This also applies to local and foreign packages. Local postal rates will be far cheaper than those associated with sending a package across national borders.

Additionally, the urgency element has an effect on the postal rates for packages. Often, a post office will charge differently depending on the urgency with which the sender desires the delivery. For example, truly urgent delivery and must be made within hours will cost more to send than a shipment that must be delivered within a few days. As a result, the parcel shipping rate increases in direct proportion to the urgency of the goods.

Additionally, the weight of a parcel is considered when calculating postal parcel rates. Parcels that are more than 50 pounds in weight will incur a greater cost than those that are less than 50 pounds. Although it takes up little space, its weight is factored into parcel mailing charges. It is quantified in grams or pounds. Additionally, the parcel’s volume is taken into account. Ones that require a great deal of room will cost more to ship than those that do not.

Additionally, the risks associated with shipping a package to a certain location are factored into postal package rates. Sending a delivery to a location undergoing civil upheaval, for example, is highly expensive. This is because additional security will be necessary to assist in the delivery of the shipment. Delivery of the parcel may be delayed in such cases if conducting business becomes too unsafe.